Dust Heaps

On looking for some connection with 5 November and Charles Dickens nothing was found relating to Guy Fawkes or bonfires. However Dickens did have a keen interest in edifices of a very similar shape to bonfires . . ..  . dust heaps.

A large dust heap provides the central theme to Our Mutual Friend (1865). It is quite likely that this interest began when working in collaberation with Baroness Burdett Coutts the presence and ownership of scavenging rights to a dust heap delayed the development of a scheme for model dwellings for the workng classes.

The location for this enterprise was an East End slum Nova Scotia Gardens. Once full ownership of the site was finally obtained 1859 and some time after Dickens had ceased collaberation with Baroness Coutts Columbia Square and Market were developed. Designed by Henry Darbishire later architect for Peabody Trust. The gothic buildings were demolished 1961 to make way for low rise social housing. Angela Road and Burdett Road lead on to what is now Columbia Road Flower Market.

The image above shows Columbia Square completed 1861 facing Columbia Road and in shadow a drinking fountain of Portland Stone and Granite on Columbia Road.

The image left is of the original Columbia Market building completed 1869.

The photographs were taken 1958 and are reproduced courtesy of:

Bancroft Library, 277 Bancroft Road, London E1 4DQ

At the Dickens Museum, 48 Doughty Street, London WC1n 2LX there is an exhibition Beyond the Dust Heaps from 4 November to 11 December 2010. www.dickensmuseum.com

The observers at LondonKillsMe would be interested to hear from anyone who has been to this exhibition.


All Saints churches

1 November is All Saints Day. We have discovered many more All Saints churches in London than All Souls. Would be very interested to be told of any that have been overlooked.

All Saints Margaret Street W1;  All Saints Shoreditch; All Saints Poplarwhich gives name to the DLR station; All Saints Peckham;  All Saints Blackheath; All Saints Camden now Greek Orthodox; All Saints Fulham; All Sants’ South Wimbledon; All Saints Notting Hill; All Saints Battersea Park; All Saints Islington; All Saints Highgate; All Saints Finchley; All Saints Leyton; All Saints Clapham Park;  All Saints and St Stephen Walworth; All Saints West Ham; All Saints Plaistow; All Saints Baptist Church Forest Gate; All Saints Leyton; All Saints New Eltham;

The church in the picture on the right is All Saints Church, Shooters Hill rebuilt 1957 near to the LondonKillsMe studio.

There was until 1909 an All Saints in Gordon Square, St Pancras which became a memorial hall 1909 and destroyed by bombing 1940. All Saints St John’s Wood closed 1974. All Saints Paddington closed 1919. All Saints Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge now a Russian Orthodox church since the 1950s. All Saints Lower Marsh demolished early 20th century to make way for extension of Waterloo Station. The original dedication for Chelsea Old Church was All Saints. All Saints Rotherhithe destroyed during Second World War. All Saints Mile End New Town closed 1951 demolished 1955.

All Hallows’ churches

Observations for All Hallows’ Eve found six existing All Hallows churches in London, does anyone know of any others ? All Hallows- by- the Tower; All Hallows-on- the- Wall; All Hallows’ Gospel Oak; All Hallows Bow; All Hallows Borough; All Hallows Tottenham.

There used to be more All Hallows   . . . ..  . in Lombard Street demolished in 1937 ..  .. . . in Bread Street destroyed by the Great Fire and rebuilt by the office of Christpher Wren and then demolished 1878 . . ..  . in Honey Lane also destroyed in 1666 on the site of 114 Cheapside  .. . . . All Hallows Staining built c. late 12th century meaning of stone to distinguish the building from other wooden churches of the same name.  Demolished 1870 the tower still survives and is owned by The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers . .. ..  . All Hallows the Great on what is now Upper Thames Street removed 1894 the sale of the site provided funding to build All Hallows’ Gospel Oak  . . . ..  . All Hallows the Less to the east of All Hallows the Great destroyed in the Great Fire and never rebuilt.