All Hallows’ churches

Observations for All Hallows’ Eve found six existing All Hallows churches in London, does anyone know of any others ? All Hallows- by- the Tower; All Hallows-on- the- Wall; All Hallows’ Gospel Oak; All Hallows Bow; All Hallows Borough; All Hallows Tottenham.

There used to be more All Hallows   . . . ..  . in Lombard Street demolished in 1937 ..  .. . . in Bread Street destroyed by the Great Fire and rebuilt by the office of Christpher Wren and then demolished 1878 . . ..  . in Honey Lane also destroyed in 1666 on the site of 114 Cheapside  .. . . . All Hallows Staining built c. late 12th century meaning of stone to distinguish the building from other wooden churches of the same name.  Demolished 1870 the tower still survives and is owned by The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers . .. ..  . All Hallows the Great on what is now Upper Thames Street removed 1894 the sale of the site provided funding to build All Hallows’ Gospel Oak  . . . ..  . All Hallows the Less to the east of All Hallows the Great destroyed in the Great Fire and never rebuilt.


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