Town House

As promised in last week’s post there follows more of the enchanting setting which played felicitous host to Joanna Moore’s City Sketches exhibition.

Town House at 5 Fournier Street, Spitalfields is a veritable cornucopia of delight. So much more than a shop, indeed LondonKillsMe have walked past on numerous occasions and assumed it to be the beguiling window display of an interior designers residence. So we are very pleased to find that the remarkable contents are for sale and available to be purchased and taken home.

The early eighteenth century building formerly housed The Market Cafe and is now the custodian of a rich mixture of objects encompassing fine antiques alongside vintage finds combining the unusual, the beautiful and the curious.

Discovering this emporium via the entrance to the exhibition at dusk on a rainy afternoon in December was an unexpected pleasure. The lighting at this time of day bordered on magical enhanced by a particularly interesting lamp. An antiquarian silk screen c.1920 has been backlit to become a magnificent wall light emanating a glow akin to candlelight through a rose scattered stencil.

This was of particular interest especially as it had once been a working textile screen. The screens at the LondonKillsMe studio are sadly not of the same elegance,  although  . . . . . . at least we like to think . . . . . producing pleasing results, the modern screen is not an object of beauty comparable to that on the wall at 5 Fournier St.

Just one example of the many intriguing artifacts available at Town House. For the rest you must make your way over to Spitalfields and have a look. The picture below hardly illustrates the captivating interior but does provide an idea of the allure of the shop from the street.

City Sketches was held in a charming building to the rear of the shop which is regularly the venue for distinctive exhibitions which can only enhance this fabulous establishment:

Town House 5 Fournier St London E1 6QE



Town Mouse

Many thanks to the Gentle Author of the wonderful blog Spitalfields Life for drawing our attention to the beautiful illustrations of London Life by Joanna Moore.

LondonKillsMe wantonly abandoned Christmas orders yesterday to visit Joanna’s exhibition in Spitalfields before it ends this Friday 18 December 2010.

The exhibition is a stunning display of distinctive drawings which perfectly capture scenes of daily life and buildings in the metropolis.

Joanna with Bar at Captain Kidd and St Paul’s Cathedral, City of London, by night in the background.

Each picture is drawn from observation and the delightful story of how this impressive collection came about can be read in You can find Joanna’s own perfectly illustrated blog Town Mouse @

Tomorrow 18 December is the last day of the exhibition and well worth making time to visit before it closes.

City Sketches is housed in a beautiful setting, more of which to follow, at:

Town House, 5 Fournier St. London E1 6QE

10-18 December 11.30 am – 5.30pm

Snapshot of the exhibition refelected in the rear window of the beautiful Town House building at 5 Fournier St, London E1 6QE

This Year’s Robin

Blog has been sadly lacking in posts for a few weeks. Due to LondonKillsMe being out exhibiting at open studios for Christmas. More on this to follow for those who may be interested.

In the meantime ‘This Year’s Robin’ has proved very popular and will be gracing many overmantles for the festive season.