Town Mouse

Many thanks to the Gentle Author of the wonderful blog Spitalfields Life for drawing our attention to the beautiful illustrations of London Life by Joanna Moore.

LondonKillsMe wantonly abandoned Christmas orders yesterday to visit Joanna’s exhibition in Spitalfields before it ends this Friday 18 December 2010.

The exhibition is a stunning display of distinctive drawings which perfectly capture scenes of daily life and buildings in the metropolis.

Joanna with Bar at Captain Kidd and St Paul’s Cathedral, City of London, by night in the background.

Each picture is drawn from observation and the delightful story of how this impressive collection came about can be read in You can find Joanna’s own perfectly illustrated blog Town Mouse @

Tomorrow 18 December is the last day of the exhibition and well worth making time to visit before it closes.

City Sketches is housed in a beautiful setting, more of which to follow, at:

Town House, 5 Fournier St. London E1 6QE

10-18 December 11.30 am – 5.30pm

Snapshot of the exhibition refelected in the rear window of the beautiful Town House building at 5 Fournier St, London E1 6QE


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