Work in progress

LondonKillsMe exhibited at Top Drawer last week . . . ..  .. . . despite our aversion to large corporate exhibition halls, we had a an enjoyable few days catching up with much valued longstanding customers and made new acquaintance with some lovely people.

Surprisingly the thing that attracted most interest was an unfinished article  . .. .  ….  . or if you will a work in progress . . … . .

One of our popular designs is the London River print  . . .. . . …  . sometimes seen in encapsulated form on a cushion or in it’s entirety so far as a wall hanging  .. .. . .. .  . and the header for sketchesbyboz.

The London River print already runs into four screens and will be an eight screen image by the time it is completed . . .. .  more of which later this year. It is, however, becoming unwieldy so it was considered a more compact less sprawling location could be desirable for a simple cushion.

New York was suggested  . .. . . . . however the illustrator was not confident that could be drawn with much feeling given the obstacle of never actually having been there . . . . . . although this did result in the suggestor creating a Manhatton screen as a prelude:

Rather better acquainted with Paris I felt up to illustration  in the same ramshackle manner as the London screens but not quite in time to be properly finished for Top Drawer.

This is the result which is to be a completed cushion soon.