Something Blue

Despite sketchesbyboz’s aversion to all things Royal Wedding related which we generally go out of the way to avoid, an exception was made on Tuesday for the opening day of a unique pop-up event at Clerkenwell Green.

Lah De Dah cup cakes

Taking place this week in the Craft Central Corner Shop is Something Blue. A positive confection of interior products in shades of teal; azure; royal; prussian and turquoise from designers Lorna Syson, Ellen Calvert, Sarah-Jayne Guest and Emma Britton. The opening commenced with Lah De Dah cup cakes also in shades of blue almost too pretty to eat but that hurdle was quickly overcome.  Lah De Dah cupcakes can be found at
for beautiful cup cakes made in any colour you choose.

The theme of ‘Something Blue’ had been chosen as pertinent to Royal Wedding week but the unique designs on display are all elegant pieces for spring and summer.

From Lorna Syson were her signature wall sculptures. Absolutely stunning wall art made from eco friendly satin and wool.

Blue and Teal Satin Dahlia Lorna Syson

In addition to the gorgeous designs available in the Corner Shop Lorna undertakes bespoke commissions

Hand crafted upcycled home furnishings from Ellen Calvert included lovely knitted cushions (see final photo in post) and embroidered samplers. sketchesbyboz was particularly taken with this one:

Embroidered Sampler Ellen Calvert

Much more of Ellen’s intricate and distinctive work is at the Corner Shop this week and can be found

Imaginative printed textiles by Sarah-Jayne Guest collection include spectacular cushions and lampshades.

Royal Duck cushion sjguest

Beautiful and fun printed textiles

You will see in the picture below to the side of Sarah-Jayne’s lampshades a large glass wall panel. This is the the creation of Emma Britton whose amazing decorative glass designs combine aesthetic individuality with practical use. The large wall panel can be made to any dimension as a unique splashback and smaller pieces are available as surface protectors and coasters. There are a range of these on sale at ‘Something Blue’ and for bespoke designs to fit any interior space

Foxglove Surface protector Emma Brotton

Sweet Pea surface protector Emma Britton

Something Blue runs until Sunday 1 May so if you are looking for something away from the television and the hype this weekend head over to Clerkenwell Green and see for yourself.

Craft Central Corner Shop, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX

'Something Blue'


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